Dream Aria as New Neo Progressive Band from Canada

The neo progressive genre is not a kind of genre that can be considered as common. That is because this kind of genre does not attract a lot of attention. Even though, there are still some people and some bands who love to listen and play this kind of music genre. One of those band that are playing this kind of music genre is Dream Aria. This band comes from Canada as one of those few who want to show the real neo progressive genre in a music.

This band can be considered as something quite unique because of many things. The first one is because of the first core concept that they want to use in a band. That is because this band was firstly consists of three members only. They are the composer, the keyboardist, and also the last one is the producer. At the beginning, they want to have a kind of classic style on the project that they are doing. However, as the time goes, there are some changes on the team such as adding a drummer, two main vocals with a guitarist, replacing the main vocal, and some others. That is what makes this band as the way it is now.

Dream Aria as New Neo Progressive Band from Canada

As an addition to that, there is another thing that can be considered as unique from this band. That is the albums that they have. This one is quite unique because there are not many neo progressive band that you can find in Canada. Despite of that fact, this band threw three different albums on that kind of situation. Can you imagine a situation where you are a minority and suddenly you make a move that shock a lot of people? That is what Dream Aria does in the past few years. Of course, it is true that the songs on the first album were not written when the composition of this band was complete. There are some songs on the first album that were composed even before Dream Aria had a singer. However, that does not matter because the first album was released in 2005. The album is titled In The Wake. Three years after the first album was released, the second album from Dream Aria came up with a title Transcend. The last album from Dream Aria was also released three years after the second poker online album was released. The third album of Dream Aria was titled Fallen Angel.

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