The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) can be defined as one of the most popular music in the world today. It can offer the great excitements that make the people always want to dance when they are enjoying this music. Furthermore, there are some genres of the electronic music that has stolen the attention of the various listeners. Then, do you really want to know what are they? If you do, you better keep reading below.

One of the popular genres of EDM is the Trance Music. This amazing electronic music, which was born in Germany, will be able to offer you the addictive building up and breaking down melodies which its beat can be ranging from 110 to 150 beat per minute (BPM). So then, it is actually no wonder that everyone who listens to this music can get lost when they follow the rise of the track. In addition, you can get the best sensation of this music when you join the EDM festival such as Ultra Music Festival, Hard Trance Music Festival, and so on. You will have the chance to enjoy the cool trance music by so many famous DJs like Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Roger Shah, Dash Berlin, and so many more still.

Next, the Techno music is something that you cannot ignore when speaking EDM. This marvelous music, which was actually born in Detroit, United State of America, has brought the distinctive and awesome styles that many people love so much. Well, judi online was introduced to the crowds firstly by some DJs such as Giorgio Moroder, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, and so on. Then, it grows bigger and bigger when Derrick May and Juan Atkins started to make its foundation. Thus, it now has the firm spot in the industry as Madonna and U2 used this particular EDM style for their works.

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